Design studio Fabrika Art is:

  • 10 artists – members of Moscow Regional Union of Artists (MRUA)
  • 15 creative designers
  • ∞ creative potential

Our motto: We know what we create

Design studio

To play with emotions, to create and control them, to transform the reality, to change the space and time... These are the goals set for artists of the design studio Fabrika Art. In our work we use the most productive and popular method not widely practiced in the modern world - the conceptual dualism. Every new project confirms that we have made the perfectly right choice! If you wonder how it works …

Creative essence in the decorations design

Each project is unique, but not only with its place/time/space. The uniqueness is also in the individual characteristics of the customer:
What kind of person he/she is?
What are his/her aesthetic preferences?
What were his/her childhood dreams, his/her favorite books?
Such personal details often become the basis for the choice of a working group which will perform the project. In our practice, there are cases when the very first meeting with a customer makes it clear which of our designers and artists will be involved in the project. It does not matter what the project is: large space creative solutions or decorating the premises for a corporate event - we prefer working on the principle of "unity of souls" and similarity of aesthetic perception.
We know that there is no universal solutions! That's why we always must choose the best artists for every single concept and perform it perfectly.

Practical approach

Our motto "We know what we create" is many-sided. The most important thing is that we do not just express our imagination and creativity on the paper. We know exactly how, by what means, what materials and in which terms our sketches become a real scenery.
Our huge experience, wide knowledge in the art and production processes, high level of competence of our employees and supervision at all stages make it possible to quickly make the right style decision. Undoubtedly, the designer will provide all the necessary illustrative material that will be as close as possible to customer’s wishes at the beginning of the work. And if the designer is creating the 3D animation, be sure that all "virtual" moving items will move in real.
Due to the wide knowledge, deep involvement in the production process and high level of cooperation between the design studio and the production complex, our creative impulses can easily be implemented in life.

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