Fabrika Art – The art of space creation

The art production complex Fabrika Art was founded in 1999 as a response to the entertainment and decoration industries’ need for a new approach to the fine art of space transformation. We combined creative and technical components of the decorating process in a united mechanism, and brought a unique offer to the market - creation of creative, non-standard and really perfect (technically and aesthetically) decorations. Our major principle is an individual approach to every customer. That allows us to implement global projects (scenery for national and international festivals and pop concerts with thousands of visitors), as well as private orders (design of rooms for corporate events).

Creation of decorations. We say no to the banality!

Fabrika Art has the title of art production complex of full cycle – and there is a reason for that. We know that it is impossible to achieve an excellent result if the responsibility is divided between different vendors and contractors and the process becomes typical and standardized.
The principle of synergy and centralized management of creating a scenery for stages or studios, halls and open areas (starting from the idea and finishing with its implementation, parts assembly and disassembly procedure and further transportation), as well as personal emotional interest of all participants in the process made Fabrika Art unique a-kind.
We have a vast experience: we created the design of thematic corporate events, recitals, shows and festivals, studios design, props and scenery for films, design for outdoor events.

Scenography as art.

Our complex approach and attention to details made it possible to bring the creation of scenery and the further transformation of space to a brand new level. Our highest competence and skills in the field of scenography allows us to create bright, memorable and unique decorations that can become a protagonist of any show, corporate party or any other event.
We have scenery, props, stage machinery, lighting equipment, pyrotechnics and theatrical equipment, use similar arts (architecture, painting, graphics). All in all, we use the maximum set of means to create the perfect visual image. We involve the best artists, and every detail is created to fit the project.
Depending on the customer’s order, and taking into account the event specific details (area, style, scenario, financing), Fabrika Art offers the customized design using almost all existing means of visualization and transformation of space, light and sound.

How the individual approach works.

First of all, we create a working group for each project, involving specialists of various spheres of decorative arts - from the famous artists and designers to installers and carpenters. Fabrika Art is, may be, the only company, all employees of which have an impeccable artistic taste and can make a most seemingly trivial scenery element unique.
We are able to create the most daring and ambitious designs – from inflatable decorations and floating scenes to transforming objects with the complex stage machinery!

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