Production complex Fabrika Art is:

  • 180 employees - highly specialized and broad-minded;
  • 2 technical and theoretical supervision departments
  • 9 shops for each phase of the scenery creation

Production complex

Development of the scenery is a complicated process. It includes the development of the concept, creation of drafts and their approval by the customer, choice of materials and estimation of costs, manufacturing and installation. The success of Fabrika Art comes from the principle of synergy of all production capacities with the centralized management and control. Art production complex Fabrika Art has a clear and well-organized structure, which includes a design studio, two design departments and nine specialized shops.

The production complex of Fabrika Art includes:

  1. Engineering and technical department. This department is responsible for a full-scale control over the project implementation at every stage - from the beginning of production to the dismantling of decorations after the event.
  2. Design and construction department. Highly qualified specialists develop manufacturing drawings and prepare all the engineering and technological documentation for the scenery.
  3. Locksmith and welding shop. Competence and skills of our professionals allow to create decoration frames of any complexity. The shop processes up to 40 tons of metal per month.
  4. Joiner's shop. In this shop, our masters can create any furniture and interior items, including the wooden interior decorations. Each specialist is a high-skilled professional with an exceptional sense of beauty.
  5. Milling shop. We have professional high-precision computer-controlled equipment, and the specialists of this shop are able to cut anything (and even three-dimensional objects) with the millimeter precision.
  6. Prop shop. Fabrika Art can provide you with unique props from any era, any country and any place in the Universe! You want to make a movie, or plan a theme party, or create the environment of a medieval castle? No problem!
  7. Art and paint shop. Masters of this shop can make any detail perfect, and the modern equipment allows us to work both with miniature and huge objects.
  8. Mockup shop. We use advanced materials, including plastics and organic glass, to create the unique scenery. The use of such materials can significantly reduce the cost of decoration, but the high quality of execution and artistic ideas is saved.
  9. Sewing shop. Backdrops, scenes, curtains, fabrics for large format printing - this is not a complete list of items that can be created by masters of this shop for any project.
  10. Large format printing. Our printing machines create more than 1000 m2 of images per day printed on any media: fabric, canvas, film, paper, banner and banner grid.
  11. Assembly and installation shop. We do not invite any "experts" from elsewhere! Our full-time professionals are trained, tested and prepared to make any decorations on five sites each of Red Square size simultaneously.

This structure (truly unique for our industry) allows us to create high-quality and unique decorations for both small corporate parties and city-scaled events or street festivals with a large number of participants.

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