Alexander Kudryavtsev

Born in Moscow in 1976
Art Director of Fabrika Art Company
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists


  • Events of Gazprom
  • Celebrity shows

State and city festivals each year:

  • Town day
  • 9th of May
  • Russia Day

Participation in exhibitions:

  • Art-Sintez exhibition, Kuznetsky Most, 2012
  • Exhibition "Art-synthesis", Kuznetskiy most, 2012 
  • "Moscow Union of Artists — 80" -  dedicated to the 80th anniversary exhibition
  • The Ministry of agriculture, MANEGE, Moscow 2012 
  • Exhibition "Kaleidoscope", Moscow Union of artists 2015.

Hundreds of private projects. Dozens of projects for TV. In 1993-1994 years worked as the chief designer at Moscow Youth Theatre of Illusion (MMIT).
From 1994 to 2000 was engaged in design of studios, exhibitions, city festivals and events in Moscow, developed advertisings for the 850th anniversary of Moscow.
Since 2000 till today works as the Art Director at OOO Fabrika Art Company.
Awarded with many accolades and public thanks

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