Dmitriy Novikov

Head of the procurement and logistics department

Tel.: +7(495) 652 0 652
Tel.: +7(926)155 15 33


Fabrika Art Company procures:

Fabric: gabardine, velvet, upholstery, furniture, jackets fabric, waffle fabric
Flooring: linoleum, laminate, laminated flooring
Electrical Equipment: wires, cables, LED equipment, LED ribbons, garlands, connection devices, controllers
Plastic materials: PVC (white, colored), plexiglass, oracal, polycarbonate, acrylic, polystyrene, bubble film, stretch film, adhesive tapes
Artificial trees and bushes, grass
Joinery: particleboard brushed, chipboard, plywood, wood panels, beams, edged board
Metal: profile 25x25, 20x20, strips
Tools and consumables

Terms of purchasing:

Supply agreement

  • -costs list, fixed prices for the period
  • -cashless payments
  • -payment grace period of 30 calendar days
  • - prompt delivery to our premises
  • - updated samples of fabrics, floor coverings

List of documents needed for a supply agreement:

  1. Copy of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity;
  2. Copy of the certificate of tax registration;
  3. Copy of the Charter of the organization;
  4. Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL);
  5. Copy of Protocol (decision) on the election (appointment) of the sole executive body (General Director), and in case of signing by the Counterparty’s trustee – a copy of the power of attorney for this person;
  6. Copy of the order appointing the Head (General Director);
  7. Copy of the organization registration card;
  8. Licenses, if the Counterparty’s activity exercisable under  a business agreement is to be licensed according to current Russian law.

 The documents must be signed and stamped by the General Director 

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